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✔️ When to Start Training Your Puppy

✔️ The First 3 Things to Teach Your Puppy

✔️ Dog Interrupts Football Match, What Happens Next Will Warm Your Heart

✔️ You Asked…Why is my puppy not snuggly?

✔️ How and When To Give Your Puppy a Bath

When to Start Training Your Puppy

So, you brought your puppy home, and you’re wondering when to start training? Here’s the quick answer…You can start training a puppy as early as 7-8 weeks of age. This is when they can start to learn basic commands and behaviors. When it comes to brain development, puppies’ brains are like sponges, and they are highly receptive to learning during the early weeks of life. But, their attention span and ability to grasp complex concepts is still be limited (those little brains are still forming!). Click for more about when to train, for how long, and how to start.

The First 3 Things To Teach Your Puppy

When you first get your puppy, it’s really exciting. But it can get less exciting pretty quickly as you realize that you won’t be sleeping for awhile, and you’ve just brought a little pee and pooping machine that likes to bite into your house.

You know you’re supposed to train your puppy, but training can feel overwhelming at first since you have to juggle so many things. You need to housebreak them, walk them, feed them, and occupy them when you need to do something else.

So here are 3 things to start with that will get the ball rolling (no pun intended!! 🤣)

Dog interrupts football match, what happens next will touch your heart

Football matches hold immense intrigue for fans, and die-hard enthusiasts often dream of meeting their favorite players. But what happens when an adorable and mischievous dog runs onto the field? The result is pure chaos.

This is where we answer questions from our private Facebook Group, Advice and Tips for Puppy Owners.

Q: We have a gorgeous Yorkie pup. He’s 14 weeks, we’ve had him since 8 weeks. When we first got him he was pretty cuddly, sleeping on our laps or on our feet etc. In the last few weeks he’s become much less cuddly and I was wondering if this is normal? Has anyone else experienced this? Will he become more cuddly and tactile again as he gets older? We’re missing the snuggles.

A: This is really normal, and we hear this a lot! When a puppy first come into your home they are usually newly separated from their littermates and used to a lot of close contact, so they will snuggle up for safety and comfort. But as they gain a little confidence, and get used to their new home, they’ll start to become more independent. Puppies go through a lot of stages as they grow, and you’ll see the snuggling phases and the independent phases come and go. But don’t worry. I have found that around two – three years old is the sweet spot for them to really come into their own and start to appreciate their bond with you. Just like a toddler that you are always there for, but doesn’t appreciate it until they are older, your puppy need to grow up a little, and have their brain develop more, before they will really start to show all the loving emotions. Not that they won’t snuggle before then, but that’s when they come out of that toddler haze. So until then, be there for them and love them, and your puppy will love you (and snuggle you) for it when they are older!

How and When to Give Your Puppy a Bath

Worried about when or how to give your puppy a bath? There are things you’ll want to know before you start. Puppies definitely need to be bathed, and as you’ll see, the earlier you start the better.